Facebook IPO and Mobile Social Games

Facebook’s IPO has been announced, and this means lots of details on Facebook financials have become public. The most interesting bits for social game developers (in VERY broad terms):

  • Almost all revenue from Facebook Credits is generated by games.
  • Zynga makes up 80% of the total Facebook Credits revenue.
  • In broad numbers, on Facebook, Zynga has MAU equal to 1.5x all other game devs combined. But Zynga’s FB Credits revenue is 4x. That’s an idea of how much better Zynga is at getting players to pay.
  • Most of Facebook’s revenues come form advertising.
  • Facebook mobile gaming is in its infancy.
  • Half of Facebook users use the site via mobile, and this percentage is growing very quickly, but Facebook does not monetize them with games nor advertising.

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