Fun with HTML5

I have been playing around with HTML5, Canvas and WebGL. Not a lot to show for it, but at least I forced myself to write a bit again. Check it out here if you’re curious, and good luck reaching a score of 150 on Lesson 5!

By the way, for some reason Firefox has started to run Lesson 5 rather slow in both my PCs. I’m pretty sure it used to be a rock solid 60 fps back when I wrote the game, but at some point either upgrading past Firefox 5, or upgrading to Windows 7, has made it slow. Other Canvas or WebGL stuff (for example Hello Racer) show similar slowdowns. Chrome and Opera run everything silk smooth, so it’s definitely not a hardware or drivers problem.

I’ve been slowly moving away from Firefox and using Chrome more and more. Firefox was really my favourite, but it’s got so many problems, it’s so bloated and slow (even 7.0), Chrome has become my browser of choice.

Hello world again

I may be getting interested in writing stuff again with more depth and detail, appropriate (even if small) audience, and with clearer ownership than social networks provide. Twitter is cool as a sort of RSS aggregator; Facebook has become intrusive, annoying and just generally inadequate for anything but on-the-fly photo and YouTube sharing; and Google+ has flatlined. In preparation for more writing, I have added a WordPress blog to my site, because my old blog system was fun to write but boring to maintain and extend.

I imported all the old content, converted the markup with a php script (destroying a bunch of stuff along the way) and deleted most of the old spam comments I could find (over 700).

Lots of settings, style and layout still to do, but it’s a start. Update your RSS if you are a subscriber!