Taskbar vs Tray

Dismayed to find out that MSN’s and Skype 4.2’s lack of a proper tray icon in Windows 7 is by design. According to this: "This icon pattern is no longer recommended for Windows 7. Use regular taskbar buttons instead if your program has desktop presence."

I think the taskbar is not the right place for icons that we use very rarely, but what do I know… For now the best approach if you don’t like this feature is to set the programs to run on Vista SP2 compatibility mode; in the long run I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. A pity, I love everything else about Windows 7.

Oh, and I still think there’s a bug with MSN showing two separate taskbar buttons.

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RSS Fixes

At the insistence of Cesar, I took a look at the date issues in the RSS Feed generator. It should be fixed now. The timezones used are not correct and the time shown in the RSS is different than the time shown in the Blog itself. Ah well.

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Yeah I’m still alive, and so is the site. For some reason, posting here got completely sidetracked, I guess I just ended up doing my "social updates" via Facebook instead. I don’t know if that’s going to really change, so no promises.

Whew, 2009 flew by and what a great year it was. Then 2010 came with some surprises early on: Activision laid off my entire team at Radical. I was already considering coming back to Spain after finishing the project, so this just sped things up. I sold or gave to charity most of my household items and furniture in Vancouver, and some three weeks later I was landing in Madrid.

(Speaking of Facebook, I’ll be doing some quick tests integrating this page with the new and simplified Facebook integration social plugins blahblah. We’ll see.)

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