3D Movie craze

I recently watched Coraline, a charming fairytale. I was mildly excited to see it in 3D and find out what all the craze was about. Back in the 80’s I watched Jaws 3D using the same technology, and being less than impressed after the first 3 or 4 gimmicks.

The result? I liked Coraline but didn’t enjoy the experience. I found the 3D distracting at times, and generally tiring. This article describes many of these symptoms and possible causes much better than I can try.

Oh and let’s not forget the minor detail that 3D movies cost more to watch. Here in Vancouver, the regular price of a movie ticket is $12.50, but 3D movies add another $3. Now, 3 bucks is not much, but paying $15.50 plus assorted popcorn and drinks for a movie that you may or may not like, and which will leave my eyes strained and tired, is too hard to justify.

So yeah, this past weekend we decided to pass up on Monsters vs Aliens, and watched Gran Torino instead. Great decision. But I fear that CGI studios (and if Katzenberg has his way, regular movie productions as well) will continue pumping 3D until we have no choice but to accept it or give up and treasure our DVD collections.

Other movies I’ve watched recently: Knowing, which is a love or hate affair (I loved it); The Day The Earth Stood Still, which goes from meh to downright bad; and Rocknrolla, which is crazy, fun and more than a bit over the top.

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