After the Activision Blizzard merger thing, a lot of people have been laid off at Radical Entertainment, but thankfully I’m not one of them. I wish the best of lucks to those who are no longer in the company, and I hope they land on their very capable and knowledgeable feet.

When the final details of the layoffs were announced, I was on holidays in Alaska. It’s weird to be hiking, trying to catch sight of a bear or moose, and generally having a great time, while you know that at that precise moment you may be losing your job. The trip was lots of fun, filled with jawdropping vistas, and included many kilometers both walking and driving. Here’s Mount McKinley:

Carrier Command is being remade. The 1988 original was fantastic, and I often still refer to it in game design discussions.

The Dark Knight is destroying box office records, and with good reason: it is a fantastic movie and deserves all the success it can get. I also hope it serves as a wake up call to all those studios that insist on filling action movies with childish and puerile crap.

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