Collaborative Fiction

Via Indygamer, The Abrupt Goodbye is an intriguing little experiment about the nature of user-created content. It’s only been active for a few days and it already has over 5K entries, but in practice most conversations still feel very short (do the math). If you are curious, the author is commenting on the process in a forum thread.

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Those Tip of the Day boxes you disable right away

I hate them. I run some application, and instead of letting me work right away, it decides to pop up and invariably tell me something I already know. My mind is already anticipating the first steps that I’m going to perform, and that flow is abruptly interrupted by the need to push that evil "Close" button. I normally choose to disable it immediately. However, sometimes there may be useful stuff lurking in there, but I never get to revisit them.

Well, here is a list of some tips for Visual Studio 2005 and later, and you maybe surprised… The Ctrl+Shift+V to cycle through the last few entries in the Clipboard caught my attention. Being a heavy copy/paster, I plan to start using it, and look all cool and knowledgeable when a coworker sees me do it and ask "WTF did you just do?" Ahh the simple pleasures of life. 🙂

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Orange Box

Futureshop: "Sorry we sold out the few units we got."

EBGames: "We only got a few copies and they sold out. Maybe in a few days."

HMV: "Our order hasn’t arrived yet."

Interesting launch for a Game Of The Year contender. 360 version BTW.

Edit: As a consolation, Puzzle Quest if finally out in XBLA. It’s a fantastic game.

Well, found a copy in Best Buy, and played through the regular Portal missions. It is short but excellent. The trailers had more or less told me what to expect in terms of mechanics and puzzles, but the level of polish and atmosphere of the full game is simply stellar. Someone has released a Flash version that is very entertaining. Now it’s time to catch up with the Half Life story in episodes 1 & 2.

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Things pile up

Almost done with Halo 3, but hoping for some coop runs. Being near the end of Blue Dragon still means quite a few hours left. Halfway through Super Paper Mario. Stuck in Guitar Hero Hard mode. HL Orange box is coming next week. Courtesy copy of Crash of the Titans arriving soon. Want to try World In Conflict. Still curious about Metroid Prime 3. Jericho in stores shortly. Mario Galaxy next month.

My newfound desire to actually finish games is clashing with the realities of the coming holiday season.

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