Backcompat boomerang

Yet another let down for Europe’s Playstation customers.

"the European hardware specification for the PlayStation 3 seems to show that the original PlayStation 2 “Emotion Engine” is no longer included, presumably necessitating the new reliance on software emulation for older titles."

I hope Sony’s own ninjas are up to the task. You can check here for the list of PS2 titles confirmed to work on the European PS3. Oh wait, you can’t, because there’s none, and there will be none until the console is out.

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Late last year, I accepted a job offer from Radical Entertainment, and I will be moving to rainy Vancouver next Monday. The past month has been quite busy with preparations, spending time with friends and family, and yes, playing World of Warcraft as well. The arrangements for the move have been fairly smooth thanks to Radical’s fine HR crew Nicole and Marc (good luck in Google!). I expect to do a lot more hands-on programming there than I have been able to during the past years. Will I remember C++? 🙂 I’m looking forward to the experience.

Penny Arcade publishes a very unique read: a letter from the stepmother of one of the kids that killed a homeless man and later blamed it on violent videogames. If nothing else, it shows that blindly blaming parents is as wrong as blindly blaming videogames.

Comments on some movies I’ve seen this year: Flags of our Fathers had some interesting elements, but overall was a pretty big disappointment. Apocalypto, while not a masterpiece, was very enjoyable. Blood Diamond was decent if a bit clichéd. The Illusionist was a nice fairytale, but The Prestige was more interesting. Saw III was utter garbage and I won’t bother linking it. 🙂

It’s great that the trio of Mexican filmmakers Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu have a big presence in this year’s Oscars. I haven’t watched Babel, but from all comments it is a great movie. All in all a promising year for hispanic movie professionals in the international scene.

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