World Of Warcraft

Yes, it arrived in Europe, and went on to surpass all expectations. I’m finally playing it without the "beta hat", so I can put some effort into the chars I play.

It is every bit as awesome as it felt in the beta. Penny-Arcade wrote this about Burnout 3, but I think it describes WoW perfectly:

"Try to imagine a scenario in which someone paid you twenty dollars every time you had an orgasm. He just walks in there, hands you twenty bucks, and leaves. It’s that ridiculous. It is as though this game was optimized in some kind of amusement wind tunnel, and anything that wasn’t awesome has either been ground off or obviated with a unique polymer."

I’m leveling much more slowly than my guildmates, which I guess means I’m not playing much or not optimizing my progress. All is good, I’m having tons of fun every minute I’m logged in. I even had my first PvP encounters and found an excitement I never expected.

Yesterday we ran the Razorfang Keep instance, and I can safely say it’s the best dungeon crawl I’ve ever played, period. It wasn’t even a dungeon, but a linear path through a castle, with a big boss at the end, so technically I consider it a dungeon crawl. 🙂

If the aesthetics and sense of humor click with you, it’s hard to consider it anything but the best MMORPG ever created. Pure unadulterated 100% Blizzard.

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Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is the latest movie by Clint Eastwood. If you follow my musings about films, you may know I totally love his work. Well, I think this movie is a complete and flawless masterpiece. Script, dialogues, characters, pacing, everything about it totally blew me away. There’s little more to say, really.

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