Blizzard interview

It’s a pretty cool 2-part interview:

Despite the pseudo-standard language they use, their description of what makes World of Warcraft so engaging matches every bit of what I felt while playing the beta.

In other news, I finished watching the second season of Alias, and it was very entertaining! Lost of surprises, great pace, and an extremely ambitious cliffhanger. Also entertaining was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The action scenes were not very exciting, which detracted from the movie, but the unique style still makes it well worth watching.

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Irreversible and Alexander

I just watched Irreversible, a truly unique, graphic and brutal french film about (so to speak) violence against women. Only for people with either a strong stomach, or a complete lack thereof, especially if you’re a woman. Despite the "shock value" that one may read in the film, it has so much more.

Also watched Alexander which, while overly long and pretentious (european production kicks in), was still worth it.

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Well it’s finally happening! I’m taking a 6-month sabbatical away from Pyro Studios and work, to replenish my batteries and pursue some things I’ve been NOT doing for too long. Game development is tough and stressing, and after this many years I feel the drain, so when the opportunity showed up I decided to take it.

Some people are betting after I have relaxed for a few weeks I won’t feel up to the task of going "back to the trenches"… All I can say is, I still feel the same passion for games development, so despite the hardships and headaches, expect me back in the summer.

Feel free to post your suggestions and experiences while taking a sabbatical, this could be fun.

On another note, the TV series 24 started running the 4th season, and it’s as engaging as ever.

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