Unity3D 3.5 Developer preview is out

And it includes a fancy exporter to Flash11 / Stage3D. All of a sudden, the best way to author advanced Flash content is Unity, not Flash. Considering that Adobe makes their money from Flash tools rather than the plugin, it’s a really odd situation. With the current outlook of Flash after the ‘Flashmageddon‘, it’s hard to say how relevant this will be in the long term, but it’s an impressive feature! And the obligatory cube to celebrate it:

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The good side is, Unity is incredibly easy to use (these tutorials were my starting point). The bad side, the generated SWF takes a hefty 2Mb (the unity web player object is just 41Kb). Anyway, Grab Unity and start playing!

2 thoughts on “Unity3D 3.5 Developer preview is out

  1. Hm I guess the Flash embedding plugin in WordPress doesn’t work properly for Firefox embeds – the wmode parameter has been set to ‘opaque’ not ‘direct’, and the path converted to lowercase. WTF?

  2. Or maybe it’s Firebug acting up? I don’t know – the latest Firefox just fails and/or crashes randomly here.

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