When backwards compatibility goes wrong

After all the jabs that Sony threw on Microsoft for being unable to play ALL XBox games in its 360 backcompat emulator, someone decided to check how Sony’s efforts are much better. This video is the result, and does create serious doubts that anyone will want to play their PS2 games on a PS3. If they work at all, that is, because Sony has a list and even a database of their own.

Ok, I haven’t seen this with my own eyes so I reserve judgement. The video is probably biased in choosing specific graphics sequences that look bad for some reason or another; emulation is hard to get 100% right when developers do things in funky ways. These problems will probably be fixed in a future update. Just like the 360. So, why Sony’s animosity towards the Emulation Ninjas? At least they made their key games look even better on the 360. They just need to make Soul Calibur 2 run and I will be totally happy.

In this day and age of zero-day youtube visibility, anything that you fuck up in public can and will be recorded.

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