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Dude, where's my loot?  (Jare)July 15th, 2008 - 00:42
The Diablo 3 announcement got my loot-whore juices flowing again. Loot in WoW is a grind to get, Titan Quest hadn't done it for me, AoC didn't even register, Robokill is nice but small, and I am fighting the urge to buy the Diablo 2 battlechest. But then I remembered that the Too Human demo was coming out soon. Today, in fact.

I like what they were trying to do with the game, I like it a lot. Odd combination of Norse mythology, sci-fi, action-packed combat against hordes of enemies, and the level ding and loot thrill. However I'm left fairly underwhelmed by the execution. Like most of the game, graphics alternate between neat and clunky. Combat needs a lot of getting used to, and I only started to 'get it' by the time I finished the demo. A lot of exploration was taken away from me because, being the methodical type, I like to wipe the place then look around, but here after you kill the boss they teleport you to cutscene world. And the cutscenes range from meh to pretty bad.

People in the forums talk about all sorts of neat gear they found in the demo, but I finished it with half white half green stuff, not very exciting. I died a few times and failed two of the three tests I ran into, whereas other people have breezed through it, so my problems may be partly my fault. Summary: ok game but I doubt I'll buy it.

In other news, I am now officially part of the largest videogame publisher in the world. Sounds great but at the moment it doesn't feel like much. :)