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Movies and stuff  (Jare)July 5th, 2008 - 20:16
Age of Conan came out, a promising MMO from veterans Funcom. It promised gore, nudity, great graphics and a few twists to the classic MMORPG genre. Even though it delivered in those areas, the game is way too buggy, unfinished and, well, unpolished. I reached level 43 and stopped playing. As a developer, I can endure normal bugs, but there's just not enough variety in the game to make me want to play further. I started playing WoW again, leveling a Hunter so I can enjoy the expansion pack in a few months.

LEGO Indiana Jones is great. More of the same if you have played the previous games, but I love it the humor, the gameplay and the original trilogy. The new movie was decent but rather forgettable.

Blizzard announced Diablo 3. YES!! A while ago I felt the Diablo urge again, so I bought Titan Quest; it was good but I just didn't find the excitement and raw "just one more" quality of Diablo 2. People are debating if the more colourful and cartoony graphics of Diablo 3 are appropriate for the series, but after watching the extensive gameplay video, I couldn't care less. It's at least a couple of years away, but I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

I rarely play Flash games, but Robokill is sort of a Robotron/Diablo little game that's a blast to play.

Pixar did it again with Wall-E. While not the absolute masterpiece that was Ratatouille, it's one of the best animated movies ever made. Kung-Fu Panda was surprisingly good and fun, but it's still not in the same league as Pixar.

Other recent movies: The Incredible Hulk acts like Ang Lee's vision never happened (a wise move), but while an ok action movie, it's nothing special. Iron Man was a lot better in every way.

Last weekend we went camping to Vancouver Island. Wonderful weather, and we even managed to watch Spain win the Euro Cup! Here's a view from Mystic Beach: